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Why Spay or Neuter?

Spaying or neutering is a surgical procedure with many health and behavioural benefits and it helps your pet to live longer and healthier. Spaying/neutering prevents and reduces the incidence of a number of problems that are difficult and often expensive to deal with

Neutering or castration is the surgical removal of both testicles. Such surgery is performed to eliminate sexual activities and render the male sterile and the procedure usually, but not always, reduces a cat's tendency to roam and fight. The general level of aggression may also be reduced. Neutering prevents testicular cancer and prostate cancer in male pets.

Spaying or ovariohysterectomy is a surgical procedure that removes the ovaries and uterus in the female cat or dog. A Spay is usually called an elective surgery because in most cases clients choose, or elect, to have their female pet spayed. Occasionally a doctor will perform an emergency spay to save the pet’s life in the case of uterine infection or other trauma.

At Red River Spay and Neuter Clinic, we recommend owners to spay their female pets before the first heat cycle. This significantly decreases the chance of complications and also diseases such as breast cancer and other types of uterine and ovarian cancers.

Reasons to Neuter Your Male Pet

1. Decrease risk of Cancer- Males that are neutered CAN’T get testicular cancer and they live 40% longer than their unneutered counterparts. Also 66% of unneutered males get prostate disease later on in life. They are also more prone to perineal hernias. The muscles just inside the rectum or anus can break down and weaken causing a painful hernia.

2. Decrease desire to Roam- Unneutered males will seek out female cats in heat. They can smell a female cat in heat up to 20 miles away. A high number of animals hit by cars are unneutered males!

3. Decrease Spraying in Cats – If a cat has started spraying to mark territory you can sometimes stop this behaviour by getting them neutered. They are often driven to spray by hormones. If you neuter them young then occasionally this can help with the spraying problem. However in older cats this becomes a learned behaviour and is no longer associated with hormones. In this case neutering may not stop the behaviour.

4. Decrease Aggression! – A neutered male does undergo some hormonal changes. These hormonal changes decrease his aggression and make him focus better and easier to work with. Animal attacks against people and other animals, dog bites, and hit by car accidents, often involve these unwanted animals and unneutered males.

Reasons to Spay Your Cat or Dog

1. Spaying will decrease risk of Cancer- Females that are spayed CAN’T get uterine cancers and their risk of breast cancer is reduced significantly if spayed before the first heat cycle. They are also less prone to urinary tract infections and vaginal disorders.

2. If your pet is spayed, She will not go into heat! - A cat can go into heat every 3-4months and a dog can go into heat every 4 ½- 5 ½ months. Along with a heat cycle comes some unwanted behaviours. There will be discharge from the vulva that can vary in amount and can become quiet messy. Their desire to roam becomes greater; as well they will attract any unneutered males within 20 miles. They seek attention and affection. They may even begin to urinate in areas they shouldn’t to mark territory. Cats can become very vocal and will flag with their tail when they are in heat.

If you have ever lived with a cat that is in heat you will know that during this time they can drive an owner crazy!

3. Spaying your pet will help fight overpopulation! - If you have ever visited a shelter you know how many pets are looking for homes. If you haven’t, trust us, there’s lots. Spaying prevents kittens - It also prevents these kittens from ending up as strays on the street. The procedure should be considered by every pet owner who is not in the cat breeding business.

4. Spaying will make your pet Fat! – This is a myth. Spaying has no impact on the weight of the cat. Controlling your pets diet after surgery can prevent them from gaining weight as quantity of food and exercise is the determining factor when it comes to weight and energy.

5. Spay/neuter is an expensive surgery. This is a myth. The fact is there are many animal hospitals in Winnipeg that provide spay/neuter surgery and the price of this surgery can vary. But spay or neuter surgery is a one-time cost which is outweighed by the numerous benefits. The surgery will keep male or female pet healthy by preventing unwanted litters, many health issues, and some behaviour problems.

Spaying/neutering is good for your pet!
It’s good for the community!
It’s good for you!

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